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Do great work. Understand others.  Stress less. 

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe to be great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


Why CliftonStrengths?

 Now taken by over 20 million people globally, CliftonStrengths identifies your intrinsic motivational and behavioural drivers so that you can discover what you really love doing and how to bring your best self to the work you do.

6X higher Individual Engagement if people use their strengths every day*

12.5% greater productivity in teams that focus on talents every day*

67% higher engagement in teams where managers focus on strengths*

*Gallup Research

what they’re saying

Simon is not an only an inspirational orator but a lot of fun and the tools and concepts used IRO signature strengths were so accurate one would think he was psychic. The knowledge gained is so easily put into practice that it has become entrenched in our organisation rather than left and forgotten at conference, not only because of its practicality but also relayed in such an entertaining way.


Following my consultation with Dee, I took a few days to process the insights I was given and I was actually left feeling better about myself, confident in my top themes and validated.


what does your team need?

Workshops to Engage &
Connect My Team

Experience the difference to your team when individuals are switched on and connected.

Book a Half day or Full day team Strengths workshop to help your team discover their natural talent, and inspire them to bring their best selves to work.

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Key Benefits of this session:

  • Greater individual self knowledge and confidence
  • Increased ownership of individual contribution
  • Increase in understanding and acceptance of others
  • Less misunderstanding and friction
  • Greater team synergy and productiveness
  • Empowered leadership of self and others.

And… Each person attending ALSO gets: 

  • Free access to a mobile app with their top themes and lots of useful tips and data about each.
  • Team sheet with everyones’s top themes and domains
  • 10% Discount Voucher for a 60min Individual Strengths Insight and inter- theme dynamics  conversation


Train my Influencers

Empower your most influential people to lead more effectively with a Strengths-based, behavioural approach.

Bringing the best out of people starts with understanding what is important to them. Engage people on what they value and they will far more readily contribute their best self. If you have to lead or manage others, listen to clients or sell, this is for you.

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Key Benefits of this session:

  • Understand the three elements required to build rapport with a person;
  • Discover how people build trust, based on each of the 34 Signature themes;
  • Learn how the way trust is built affects the way people communicate and feel understood;
  • Understand why culture is so important when it comes to getting people to “behave appropriately”;
  • Unpack what it means to direct people to a desired outcome.

And… Each person attending ALSO gets:

  • Free access to a mobile app with their top themes and lots of useful tips and data about how to apply each theme in terms of getting the best out of people.
  • 10% Discount Voucher on a three (3) session coaching program on how to authentically be yourself but bring the best out in others within the specific context of your role.

Individual Insights & Coaching

The power of natural talent, authenticated and personalised.

We all want to feel that who we really are is understood and appreciated. Once-off or ongoing, these individual insight sessions enable each person to understand how their own unique Top 5 signature themes combine to create a personal power zone that can be extremely rewarding and valuable.

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Key Benefits of this session:

  • Authentic confidence: Insight into your completely unique combination of natural talents and behaviours, and what you can really do with them! Meet the “real” you!
  • Higher value: Knowing who you are and what your unique, one-in-the-world value offering is, means you can drive up your value and usefulness.
  • Enjoy work (and life) more: Getting on better with others and being able to help them “get” you more, means we’re all happier and more effective at work.

Enjoyed your session? Pay it forward!

  • Get a 25% Discount Voucher off the cost of a CliftonStrengths access code for any friend or colleague who you introduce to their awesomeness!

“Life only demands from you the strength that you possess”

– Dag Hammarskjold

Meet your CliftonStrengths® Experts

Simon Hurry

Simon is in the business of people. He is also in the business of Success.

During the last 10 years, he has had the privilege of presenting to and introducing close to 23 000 people to their Top 5 Signature Themes. These range from 15year olds to seasoned corporate professionals across South Africa, Africa, USA and the UK. His detailed understanding of the tool together with his unique insights, have also helped a diverse range of highly influential people, optimise their own natural talents. These include International sport coaches, CEO’s, Executive teams, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders. 

Simon is a scientist at heart and remains someone who is relentlessly committed to represent the cutting edge of what we know about what makes people great. As such he remains independent to Gallup, blending various methodologies into unique, distinct and very, very useful insight.

Dee Hurry

Dee has a natural ability to move people from the initial “aha” moment to a place of deeper understanding and transformation.

She blends intelligence and compassion into a powerful combination that creates a safe place for people to begin the journey of self discovery both individually and collectively.

Her coaching approach is a sophisticated blend of directed insight and learning which empowers people to both play to their strengths more while understanding how to connect to others better especially within a professional context. She is frequently relied upon to help people bring their best, most connected and productive selves to work, and to “play nicely together”.

She co-wrote the first ever online Strengths coaching programme “StrengthsEngage”, and has helped hundreds of people authentically see themselves as never before.

We’ve helped discover and inspire talent in these great companies, locally and globally.

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can
engage your team with CliftonStrengths

What does your team need?

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